English or Dutch for Business


Tailor-made language courses

Our in-company English and Dutch language courses and workshops are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of your employee or group of employees. Taalcursus Nederland has over a decade of experience in providing high-quality trainings for international companies based in or branching out to the Netherlands.

Learn only what you'll use

In all of our language courses, we focus first and foremost on the way you, your employee or your fellow colleagues want to use their English or Dutch. Many staff members of international companies tell us they value a working knowledge of the Dutch language, even if the company language is English or another language, because it allows for a better communication with Dutch clients or colleagues. Other employees may want to improve their English first.

Therefore, we always focus on the exact needs of our clients and their learning goals. So we can offer you a practical and cost-efficient course.

Flexible locations and content

Our "English for business" and "Dutch for business" courses can be held at your workplace so as to minimise the impact a language training has on the work day of your employee or group of employees.

The learning programme can also be altered at any point throughout the course of the training.

Branch-specific programme

Our teachers always take great care to consider the line of business your company is in, in terms of vocabulary (technical jargon) as well as the ways in which various Dutch economic sectors deal with business.

We pride ourselves that the contents of our language exercises are also adapted to your type of business as much as possible.

Practical exercises

During our courses, we allow the group/individual to apply their newly acquired skills straightaway.

For example by practicing phone calls, writing e-mails in a fast and flawless manner, simulating a business meeting or sales pitch. Our teachers can also support you in practicing your negotiation skills in English or Dutch.

Getting in touch

Please do not hesitate contact us about any questions you may have. We're also happy to send you a free quotation without any obligations. Click here to send an e-mail, call +31(0)24-2600020 or fill out our Contact form.

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